Progress on flood mitigation strategy

The devastating floods of 2014 especially in Srinagar city and suburban areas, just even recalling the devastation it caused widespread, makes one scared and, therefore, efforts as far as possible needed to be taken to pre-empt the repetition of the conditions of 2014 . Verily for this purpose, phase three oriented measures namely Immediate Measures, Short Term Measures and Long Term Measures as flood mitigation strategies were taken up by the concerned department of Irrigation and Flood Control in Kashmir. However, while the encouraging part of the outcome of the initiative is that the phase 1 that of ”Immediate Measures” stand fully completed , rest of the two phases are equally nowhere in sight to be completed. Just achieving capacity for additional 10000 cusecs generated by any types of floods were not sufficient as a cushion to mitigate the flood effects. Hokersar wetland work under phase 1 which was given priority under flood management project, continues to be not only incomplete but whatever drudging was done there is reportedly dumped again in the wetland . There are certain funds related problems as also non releasing of payments to the company/contractors which need to be attended to on priority so that the target of additional 60000 cusecs was made to carry by and through the River Jehlum and flood channels. However, expectedly the position improving in next two months should not get further delayed as right from June to September the period of rains was vulnerable for floods.