Production of ammunition indigenously

A mega project of Rs. 15000 crore to produce ammunition indigenously for the requirements of the army have been finalized to address the main issue of dwindling stockpile with our armed forces. It has been a growing concern when seen in comparison with the ramping up of military capabilities of China , an issue discussed by the successive Governments which has  only now been seriously addressed for immediate resolution.
This much desired decision in the subject matter follows after years of deliberations. The idea behind it is less dependence on imports which otherwise are time consuming and to ensure fastest availability of ammunition of critical and sensitive nature for weapons and tanks for our Army’s requirements. The specific target has been set for the next 10 years as regards the volume of the ammunition going to be produced.
This project is a big leap towards indigenization of ammunition and to create an inventory for all types of major weaponry to enable the forces to fight at least a 30 day war as a short term objective while cutting dependence on imports was, the long term objective. In this ambitious project, a cluster of 11 private firms will find their participation. The stages of monitoring of the mega project were going to be done by the top brass of the army as also by the Defence Ministry.
The ammunition, to start with, shall be catering to the needs of our wide range of rockets, air defence system, artillery guns, infantry combat vehicles, grenade launchers and other field weapons. Strict timelines shall be adhered to in the functioning of this project and after the first phase of implementation, production targets would be reviewed and enhanced.
Evolving security threats in the region have got to be faced by fast tracking of procurement of weapons and ammunition for the world’s second largest standing Army and  the “indigenization of the ammunition project will be biggest such programme in decades”. This was necessary, in the event of a war, to have sufficient stocks at least for 30 days as against for 10 days as at present, if the report of the Auditor and Comptroller General of India is to be taken very seriously.