Producing Employment Opportunities in the Stainless Steel Industry Amidst COVID-19 by Neeraj Raja Kochhar

As per Neeraj Raja Kochhar of Viraj Profiles, the problem of unemployment was being seen in the stainless steel industry as well. To curb the problem, Neeraj Raja Kochhar created more employment opportunities in his big organization in the industry. Amidst a situation as hard as COVID-19, this stainless steel organization has been helping the country by reducing unemployment.

The coronavirus started spreading in India some months ago. To control the gradually rising number of cases, the lockdown was imposed with certain limitations on the movement of people. Along with that, the transport facilities were also reduced. While the lockdown has been effective in reducing the number of COVID-19 cases, it has caused an unlikely effect on the economy of India. A rise in unemployment was being seen as the lockdown was imposed in the country.

Hiring Employees Amidst the Coronavirus Lockdown by Neeraj Raja Kochhar

Viraj Profiles Limited is a widely known stainless steel company in India. This organization is responsible for producing the best quality stainless steel products to manufacturing them in large numbers. This company has been formed with several departments. Every department is necessary for the complete functioning of the organization. According to Neeraj Kochhar Viraj Group, the management of the organization has hired about 2000 employees for these departments and not only hiring the employees, the company has also generated the employment for the family members for front line workers. Viraj Profiles Limited has given a fair chance to the candidates to be a part of the organization even during the rough times brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the owner of this company, the COVID-19 crisis has affected not only the health of the employees but their families as well. A large number of employees were removed from their companies due to the financial crisis the companies were facing. The families of several employees had been struggling for even their daily meals. Viraj Profiles Limited had also been facing certain challenges in these times. Professionally dealing with all such challenges, the organization has made new work opportunities for several employees.

Maintaining Fair Work Conditions for the Employees

According to Neeraj Kochhar’s biography, the employees of an organization are just what a structure is to a building. While much emphasis is laid on the structure of a building, the welfare of the employees also needs to be taken into account. It has been observed that ever since the lockdown started in India due to the coronavirus situation, many organizations closed down their operations. Some of the companies initiated facilities to work from home. Even when several companies chose to work from their own place, the working hours were increased. It may be true that working from home is a convenient and comfortable option for many. However, increasing the work hours until necessary may not have been fair.

As is believed by Neeraj Kochhar Viraj Group, the employees of an organization need to be provided with fair work conditions. Viraj is an organization with a large number of employees. While some of these employees may have been working in the office, many have been working from home. For all its employees, this organization ensured that the work conditions were maintained. From fair work hours to timely payment of salaries, everything is being followed for the welfare of all the employees.

Providing Fair Salaries to the Employees in the Coronavirus Lockdown

Several new employees have been hired by the management of the stainless steel company, Viraj Profiles. Some of these employees were looking for changing their former jobs. Other employees had to leave their previous organizations due to the lack of a good pay scale. Neeraj Kochhar, Viraj Profiles Limited, has shared that it has made sure that fair pays are given to every employee hired during the COVID-19 lockdown. The newly hired employees of the company have shared that they have received a hike in the salary as per the industry standards. This step has been widely appreciated by these employees. Moreover, the families of these employees are greatly relieved as the flow income has been started again. By giving fair salaries to the new employees, Viraj Profiles not only reduced the problem of unemployment but has also strengthened the stainless steel industry of India.The company has also given the increments to their employees during the tough times.

Summing up Everything Said Above

The coronavirus lockdown has brought about many challenges in India. The spread of this deadly virus has resulted in a loss of jobs of many employees. In the stainless steel industry of the country, a rise in unemployment may not have brought any speedy progress. By creating numerous employment opportunities, Mr. Kochhar’s organization has taken a much-appreciated step. Along with hiring new employees, Viraj Profiles has ensured that fair work conditions are maintained for all its employees. Above everything, the organization has given fair salaries to the employees to ease their lives in times as rough as the COVID-19 virus. Follow Neeraj Raja Kochhar of Viraj Group for more updates