Procurement in ICDS

This is in reference to “Decentralize procurement process in ICDS” by Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat (DE 17.8.2018). The demand for decentralization of procurement process in Integrated Child Development Scheme also called ICDS is a very much genuine demand that has already got a nod from Supreme Court few years back. Making all the purchases for Anganwadi Centres across Jammu and Kashmir through Mission Directorate of ICDS senses completely absurd and unethical. It clearly indicates that intentions of the officers in ICDS are not fair.
The issue of concern is not only centralized purchases being made , but as reported by several newspapers in past mis branded and sub standard food items are being purchased from contractors by the ICDS. This is risking lives of our children which should not at all be tolerated.
The demand for involving local Self Help Groups of Rural Livelihood Mission UMEED for making purchases at village level is also a very good suggestion put forth by Dr Muzaffar. As far as giving supply orders to blacklisted and suspicious biscuit companies by ICDS is considered, this is again a criminal act that needs to be investigated by Vigilance Commission. I appeal N N Vohra Governor of J&K, his Advisor K A Ganai and State Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) to take cognizance of several news reports and articles in this regard and initiate a probe into recent purchases being made by Mission Directorate J&K ICDS.
N A Yatoo