Private Dental Surgeons ignored

This is to bring to the notice of authorities concerned in particular and public in general that about 4300 private dental surgeons of the Union Territory who have been treating patients in the front line at a distance of less than one foot have not been included in the frontline workers for administration of Covid vaccine and their names have not been registered on the portal which has now been closed.
There has been no intimation to these 4300 registered private dental practitioners to provide the required data for the same. These private dental practitioners have also been in the forefront to treat patients from May 2020.
I request the concerned authorities to take notice of this grave ignorance and take steps to include dental surgeons on priority basis like the rest of frontline workers.Also alll private dental practitioners in Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and other states of India have registered all private dental practitioners and a majority of them have been inoculated with the first dose already.
Dr Surinder Kumar
Ex – President, Indian Dental Association
Jammu Central Branch


This is to bring to your notice that private dental practitioners are not registered for the COVID vaccination yet whereas the dental clinics were the first to be asked to shut down during the lockdown and it affected the dentists so badly. This discriminatory behaviour towards the dentists of J&K is so hurtful as it shows that we are not valued at all.
Private medical doctors have been called personally to take the shots and even the private physiotherapists and Ayurvedic doctors .
The only left are the private dental practitioners and only in the union territory J&K .
Dr Neha Sharma