‘Prima facie case against Diwakar, others’

Housing scam
NEW DELHI, June 14:
A Delhi court has found prima facie evidence to put Narayan Diwakar, the alleged kingpin of Rs 4000-crore co-operative group housing scheme scam, on trial in two separate cases registered by CBI.
Special CBI Court said a prima facie evidence of cheating, forgery, criminal conspiracy and corruption is there against Diwakar, a former registrar of co-operative society (RCS) and nine others in the case, involving Avas Deep Cooperative Group Housing Society (CGHS).
The court said similar charges are made out against a former RCS R K Srivastava, former Deputy Registrar P D Sharma, and six others in another case lodged by the CBI for the alleged corruption in reviving Gulshan­E­Iabal CGHS.
The CBI had lodged the two scam related cases in 2005 and 2006 respectively, accusing Diwakar, Srivastava and Sharma of approving the proposal for revival of the societies with the help of forged documents and signatures in connivance with other accused who were members of the society.
The CBI had alleged that the accused, who include members of the two CGHS, had “fraudulently” revived the defunct and already wounded up housing societies, “on the basis of forged and false documents” and “also successfully misrepresented the DDA and induced it to allot huge land on subsidised rates to the society”.
Special CBI Judge Praveen Kumar in two separate orders on framing of charges said, a “prima facie case is made out” in both cases and decided that charges of criminal conspiracy, cheating, forgery, using forged documents as genuine and corruption are made out against them.
The CBI had alleged that Avas Deep CGHS was put under liquidation on July 21, 1989 but Diwakar approved the proposal for its revival on December 16, 2003.
“Accused Ram Nath was appointed as inspecting officer who submitted false and forged report in respect of the society which was dishonestly accepted by accused S R Goyal, the then AR and accused Narayan Diwakar, the then RCS for corrupt and illegal consideration in order to facilitate revival of the society despite the fact that society was dormant for more than two decades,” the CBI had alleged.(PTI)


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