Preserve ponds, water bodies

Book : Duggar Ke Talab- Ek Adhyan (Dogri)
Author : Prof Shiv Nirmohi
Publisher : Akshay Prakashan,
New Delhi Pages : 150
Price : Rs 150

This Dogri book underscore the urgent need for preservation of numerous ponds in the Jammu region. The author Prof Shiv Nirmohi has done a really hard work in locating of water tanks across this part of the Jammu and Kashmir UT. These existed in the old times in almost all the rural areas and few of them in the urban centres for meeting the requirement of the people. These really met the water needs for fields, bathing, washing and other locally domestic needs.
These were built mostly for the service of the local population. While most ponds have gone out of existence but remaining some in rural areas have been located by the author. As the cost of land is shooting up and the building of houses and shoping complex is also growing, the land-use pattern too has undergone change.
Water is precious
But the utility of such water bodies is still relevant and useful and so taking into consideration the current growing need of every drop of water for fields and domestic use is amply clear. Concerted efforts are afoot to renovate and rebuild ponds and also preserve them for future.
This 150-page Dogri book by the popular author Prof Shiv Nirmohi is a valuable publication. The is important for the rural areas as the water requirements is essential. As this natural resource (water) is very vital, so there is urgent need for its proper utilisation and preservation.
This is a book of interest for the every reader as Prof Shiv Nirmohi’s many works on the history, social, cultural aspects of Duggar as also Dogri literature. It is a valuable service to the society. This book must get due attention by the readers.
(Starline Syndicate Service)