Preservation of Mubarak Mandi

Slow pace of work going on for the last many years for conserving and renovating the historically famous Mubarak Mandi palace in Jammu is causing concern to the people who are emotionally attached to the heritage palace. Equally, Shergarhi complex on the banks of River Veth or Jehlum in Srinagar needs to be conserved and preserved. People of eminence from both the regions having approached the Lieutenant Governor for preservation of the two protected monuments in Jammu and Srinagar respectively assumes significance. The matter merits preferred attention in view of the Government proposing moving some Government offices into Shergarhi complex in Srinagar which was bound to dilute the importance and integrity of the complex. Pertinent to note that the then State Government had notified these two complexes as State Protected Monuments under the J&K Ancient Monuments Preservation Act of 1920 amended in 2010.
Stars should be thanked that amidst rapid urbanisation and our overall indifferent attitude towards preserving and protection of cultural and historical assets resulting in vandalising and resultant loss of many landmarks of importance , these two still exist but must be preserved at all costs. In the meantime, the pace of works of restoration and repairs of Mubarak Mandi complex must be arranged to pick up.