Prescription audit

To thwart and ward off unethical practices resorted to by some healthcare professionals, the decision of Health and Medical Education Department in according sanction for constitution of prescription audit committees is a welcome step taken in the right direction. Such Committees needed to be extended in scope and functions beyond the capital cities of the UT to cover rural and semi urban areas also. Nominating nodal officers for the purpose by the Principals of the Medical Colleges to go in for random checking of prescriptions written by the Doctors on daily basis to ascertain whether they were not violating the accepted medical and therapeutic provisions would go a long way in containing wrong practices, if any.
However, care needs to be taken that such audits should be conducted in a very sensitive way and most of those Doctors who were abiding by ethical standards and following all provisions of Drugs and Cosmetics Act should not feel any embarrassment. The motive behind such audits, agreeably, is to protect the rights of the patients which is paramount. It was also going to put a check on sub-standard and spurious drugs as also point out whether unnecessary additions of non required medicines were put in the prescription.