Preparation for Examinations-2020

Ravinder K Dhankhar
Examinations festival is to begin from 15th February wherein lakhs of students will appear and write the content on papers that they have studied throughout the year. Let me tell you the pressure for obtaining decent marks is not only on the students but also on the parents, teachers and on administration since the output of their inputs will be evaluated through these annual exams. Moreover, these exams will also design the criterion for the streams where students like to enter into after passing Classes X and XII. Now a days all, be the students or the teachers, are on the toes to give their best to preparefor the board Exams-2020.

Strategy for Teachers
By now, syllabus in all the subjects might have been covered and revision work going on. It becomes important that full focus should be on minute revision and doubtsin the topics, if any, has to be discussed with the teachers and get understood. Let us deliberate upon some of the points that can be quite helpful to get flying colours in exams:
* With the revision simultaneously, teachers should assess students’ understanding of the topic though Short Class Tests (SCT). The questions that had appeared in previous years papers should be especially discussed topic wise and to be incorporated in Short Class Test (SCT) as well.
* Students should be made to appear in Pre Board exams of three hours durations at least twice before annual exams to make them have time management and good writing practice. After the exams, matrixes of the exams question wise to be prepared and topic where students haven’t done well at, should be retaught, revised and retesting done thereof.
* Special attention should be given on scoring chapters. Always member that these topics are essential for fetching marks beyond ninety. Of late, CBSE has planned to add objective type questions in Exams and practice to this can be done in quiz forms in class and in peer groups.
* There should be special writing practice for formulae, diagrams,numeric, names of the characters, lessons and writers and topics of grammar because error in them is always taken very seriously at school stage.
* Good writing practice of lengthy answers chapter wise is required on day to day basis.
* Be accustomed of beautiful and legiblehandwriting which is essential in the exams. This is a student’ first impression before the examiner. It is believed that legible handwriting helps a student to fetch five to seven percent extra marks. Develop this habit hereafter.
* Constant motivation to students from the parents and teachersis mandatory in these hours to make them stress free in term of their academic and have less anxiety syndrome.
* At least one hour to be fixed for outdoor games to the students to provide them good recreation. Just fifteen minute running in the morningmaysuffice the purpose.
* Last but not the least, students should be kept stay stress free this is truly vital to do well in exam.
Strategy for Students
* Not to read anything new last time, what is read has to be relooked into. Clear your doubts chapter wise with written practice.
* Give special revision of scoring chapters and last minute practice of formulae, diagrams, numeric, names of the characters, lessons and writers and topics of grammar.
* Be cool and gritty before exams.
* Be mindful of the facts that exam is to be written in beautiful and legible handwriting that will fetch you five to seven percent extra for sure.
* As you get the answer script, draw the margin lines with scale and after every answer leave one or two lines for better presentation.
* First fifteen minutes should be clearly utilized for reading the question paper and planning to attempt the paper.
* Start attempting from objective type questions which will enhance your confidence.
* Lengthy answers should be started from new page and, If possible, to be put up in a box.
* Attempt all the questions whether you know the answers or not. Try to write whatever you know about the answer. Something is better than nothing.
* Last ten minute to be kept reserved to have a relook at the answer sheet.
* Last but not the least, students should stay stress free this is truly vital to do well in exam. Remember one quote of eminent scientist, Thomas Elva Addition who used to say about exams, ‘Tomorrow is my exam but I know single sheet of paper can’t decide my future’
Dear students, good planning is vital to score decently. I am confident that the above points will help you out to write exams well. Thanks you very much for reading this. Stay happy and healthy always. May God bless you and help you get flying colours in exams.
(The author is Principal Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Doda, (J&K))