Premises, Promises and Perspectives

Mahesh Chander Sudan
We the people of Indian exercised our right to vote during last general election in favor of the present day ruling party as the premises advanced by the political party of giving good governance with clean and inclusive approach attracted us.  This approach created a sense of relief amongst voters from rampant corruption alleged to be prevailing during last regime. A list of scams thrown during that election like 2G etc. convinced us beyond doubt that new incumbents will enable us to rise above the malaise of deficient governance which might have erupted due to long stay of earlier dispensation i.e UPA in the office for ten years. Thus, the incumbency factor clubbed with these premises worked against the then ruling political set up and resulted in formation of NDA Government with an energetic leader at the helm of affairs. Today, we stand at cross roads  four years down the memory lane with confused mind as to what we did four years ago was right or wrong.  How this sense did start prevailing in our mind. As a citizen of India, it is our constitutional duty to hand over the authority of governance to competent people who would not only safeguard the national interest but work towards providing equal opportunity to each one of us and not allow a few to amass the national wealth.  I am sure none of us finds a positive answer to this paradox.  It therefore implies that we the voters havebeen misled to present situation.  With due apology towards leaders of the day, Pardon me if you can?
Let us now look at the promises made to us, and the first and foremost was to get us rid of rampant corruption. The recent ruling of highest Court of India in case of 2G stands witness to the fact that our case against corruption was not contested with full sincerity, either out of choice or political compulsion, poor voter does not know. Some of the persons alleged to have committed sin of corruption have not been charge sheeted despite the fact that the central agencies like CBI and NIA are working round the clock. Not to talk of old cases but the recent scams involving even governments of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and people like Vijay Malaya and  Nirav Modi add to our agony.  The public money involved in these recent scams is also said to be in thousand crores.  In this scenario, how can we build up moral strength to ask our Government about black money?
Another promise close to my heart was providing employment to millions of unemployed youths of our country. We do not see any change in the scenario, the line of unemployed youth is ever increasing with no sign of relief.  Recent statements by some of our leaders suggesting alternate employment to this unemployed class is a classic testimony of the fact that system is helpless in providing job to them. No significant job infested ventures have been started except some loaning scheme which provides insufficient fund to start any self-employment especially to a poor unemployed person who does not have any property to hypothecate.  The plight of farmers is no better as the promises made to them of raising the Minimum Support price of agricultural products to enhance their agricultural income is again forgotten. Recent farmer agitation in Maharashtra speaks clearly about this.  Of course, the salary of Public Representatives either at Centre or state level has been increased manifolds without disturbing any subsidy available to them.
Aforesaid facts led to a situation which allowed different perspective to emerge.  Poor voters were expecting a very rewarding outcome due to healthy premises laid in front of them. A political party with a difference showcased an attractive product in the form of promises with well researched and efficiently advertised  marketing approach that laid a fishing net to catch votes in their favor specifically divided on community basis.  Hence, overall graph of providing good inclusive governance still remained elusive.  As a voter, I am sure each one of us would learn lesson out of this and prepare ourselves to be more careful for next chance.  Let us not elect political parties but elect our leaders who would work for our country and country men and women. Opportunists who jump the parties just to be in power, and have least respect for country men and especially women should be condemned.  Political parties welcoming such leaders should also be shown the right place. We the people of India have to once again resolve to free India from the control of such leaders who have party interest more dear to their heart then national interests. Nation First and everything else thereafter should be our MOTO to draw right balance amongst  premises, promises, and perspective.
(The author is former Wing Commander)