Practo signs pact with Academy of Family Physicians of India

NEW DELHI, June 12:  Digital healthcare platform Practo has signed a pact with Academy of Family Physicians of India (AFPI) to work collaboratively towards greater understanding and adoption of digital healthcare technology in the country.


As per a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the companies, Practo will serve as AFPI’s digital healthcare partner and the two institutions will work in the areas of continuous learning and development in digital healthcare for all physicians associated with AFPI, a joint statement said.


“Practice management in India today is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Without the tools and services enabled by technology, it is very difficult for both patients and doctors to access quality care and manage relationships,” AFPI President Raman Kumar said.


The MoU is a part of Practo’s strategy to solidify relationships with bodies and associations such as AFPI and contribute towards seamless adoption of digital healthcare in the country, the statement said.


“With doctor-patient ratios barely meeting the minimum, India has a severe shortage of skilled doctors. Our only hope of improving healthcare lies in increasing efficiency of the current force of doctors through digital tools,” Practo Chief Healthcare Strategy Officer Alexander Kuruvilla said.


These tools also dramatically ease the clinic and hospital management, so doctors can stay focused on treating and caring for their patients while technology takes over the rest, he added. (PTI)