Power generation in Sewa-II develops snag

Due to sudden breach of water from the tunnel and resultant water depletion from it, power supply from 120 MW NHPC owned Sewa Hydel Power Project II in Basholi came to a sudden halt . Power House, therefore, stands closed for generation so that any further damage to the canal and other structures could be avoided and people are restricted from going nearer to the canal of the Power House. However, the project supplying power to Hiranagar and Kathua grid stations could result in some cuts and rescheduling of power supply. It is learnt that a team of experts from NHPC has already reached the site which could assess the damage and explore repairing and restoration process.
Though such snags, disruptions and developing defects primarily due to natural factors cannot be ruled out altogether in such projects housed at mountainous areas but whether the breach in the canal could have been plugged in time and whether such in-house facilities were there in the Hydel Power Project could be ascertained only by the experts. The authorities are , however, optimistic about restoration process to be started “on war footing” so that not only Kathua district but Punjab, HP, Delhi, Rajasthan and Haryana getting some quantum of power from this project are not made to undergo any power cuts or disruption in power supply . Let it be hoped that there was very nominal damage caused to the project although due to generation of power being stopped, the NHPC was losing substantial power revenue . As to how many days it shall take for getting restoration work completed and the project again becoming operational , at the moment, is left to conjectures . Reports are that the work of repairs etc has not been started as yet.