Power amnesty in J&K

The power sector in Jammu and Kashmir is reeling under several problems and to be sure, non payment of electric bills for months and even years together contribute to the gap between the revenues and the expenditure which keeps on widening with such non or delayed payment. It is a commendable decision of the UT Government in providing one time ”amnesty” by allowing the mounting overdue balance of non payment of electric bills to be repaid in instalments plus availing of waiving of accrued interest and other penal charges for non payment, if any.
Domestic consumers thus stand widely benefitted. In this connection, such a relaxation must be given to the trading community also. In this context, representatives of Business /Trade Federations having met the concerned UT authorities expressing satisfaction over such a decision to benefit domestic consumers have at the same time, demanded inclusion of and extending the scheme to the trading /commercial sector as well. We recommend that the demand be favourably conceded and the facility of ”amnesty” extended to all sections but with a condition that payments of bills in future be made in time so that financial crisis is not faced by the UT power sector on account of using power by paying nothing or paying quite in a delayed manner.