Population explosion

The population of India is increasing at a very fast rate. In 1921 the population of India was 25.1 crores but at present it is 132 crores. The reason for this is that Indian beds are more fertile than the Indian fields. Our population increases by 40 per minute or 1.70 crore per year. The rise is fantastic and some economists describe it as population explosion. Owing to increase in population the standard of living starts falling. There will be a fall in a per capita income, fall in expenditure on education and medical health. Rapid increase in population also creates unemployment problem. Unempl-oyment results in poverty and unequal distribution of wealth. Increase in population causes a bad effect on the efficiency of labour. The need of the day is to control our population which is a must because of the following reasons.
To increase per capita income, to raise standard of living of the masses, to solve unemployment, to solve the food problem, to make more expenditure on social service to decrease the price rise of consumer goods, to reduce the burden on land, to increase the rate of saving. India has been a poor country and poverty is our main problem. After Independence many plans made were to remove the poverty but the rapid rise in population is coming in the way. Population explosion puts heavy pressure on economic development. A large size family creates so many problems. It is difficult for the Govt to meet the requirement of the people at large.
S N Raina