Poor have right over ‘Tijori’ of the Govt : Modi

DUMKA :  Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said he was sitting as a ‘Chowkidaar’ (watchman) in Delhi to ensure that poor have the right over ‘Tijori’ (coffer) of the government and not those who want to loot it.
Addressing an election rally here as part of the campaigning for the fifth phase of the Assembly elections in the state,  Mr Modi said Jharkhand had so much potential that it can not only create jobs for the youth but also fill the coffer of the country.
‘The coffer of the government did not fill but it was the ‘Tijori’ of Baap-beta which has got filled,’ Mr Modi said adding it was the poor of the country who have their right over the Tijori of the government, and not those who want to loot it.    ‘I am sitting in New Delhi not as the Prime Minister but as the ‘Chowkidaar’ to ensure that no hand (panja) and no teer (arrow) get a chance to loot that Tijori,’ Mr Modi said.    Stating that Jharkhand was the richest state in the country, he said ‘People of Jharkhand have the right over their natural and mineral resources.’
‘There is so much coal in this state which can bring light in the entire country but despite that the state was under darkness.’
Wooing the tribal population of the Santhal Pargana region,  he asked the people whether the tribals lived during the period of Lord Ram, Krishna, during the period of Bhagwan Bira Munda, during country’s independence struggle and after that or not.    ‘For 50 years of the Congress rule, they never thought that the tribals lived in such large numbers in the country… they never thought of having a separate ministry for their welfare but it was the government of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee who made not only a separate ministry of tribal welfare but also appointed a separate minister and made budgetary allocation for that department,’ he said.


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