Poor emergency services in hospitals

I want to draw the attention of authorities towards the poor condition of hospitals emergency services which nullify the government claims to improve the health services. About 5 pm, yesterday 15th July while I was attending a mourning meeting at Gandhinagar, a person got a heart attack, I as a doctor did cardiac compressions and immediately brought the patient to Government Hospital Gandhinagar for further treatment. Although the emergency staff was present but failed to do the resuscitation because of the absence of necessary equipment to revive the patient. There was no External DC shock defibrillator, endotracheal tubes and other material for immediate treatment. Hence we lost the patient. Had I not been a medical person there were full chances of assault on the medical personnel present there. After digging the episode happened I learned that the demand for procurement the equipment along with the repeated requests had already been sent to the higher authorities but in vain.
The government puts high claims of improving the health services but only to talk. On the ground, I find no difference since decades. When you can not provide the requisite service to a dying patient, what do you claim for?
I have seen many occasions the politicians, the bureaucrats, and others talking of high moral, dedication and workmanship but it remains only for speech no practical work.
I request the Governor to pay attention towards the improvement of the health services. The district hospitals standards of health care should be raised to an extent that emergency services prove effective and efficient. The emergency equipment should not be deficient, staff should be trained to handle the emergency procedures. Trained anesthetist, physician, and the surgeon should be made available to train the staff and be present to tackle such type of patients. If such steps are taken in positive directions the government will get a lot of appreciation and it will open the gates for further improvements.
Dr. Satya Dev Gupta
Ex-Head of Department
Intensive care and Anaesthesia GMC Jammu.