Pollutted Ranbir Canal

Throwing of kitchen garbage in Ranbir Canal of Jammu city is a regular practice and it is very difficult to go near the canal now a days due to foul smell which emits. The people of the Jammu especially who reside near the sacred Ranbir Canal are requested not to throw kitchen garbage including polythenes into the canal. It will only harm you only. There may be chances of breakout some air borne and water borne diseases in the Jammu city due to it.
It is the prime duty of educated people of the society to educate the  common masses regarding the importance of environment in which we live. Apart from this, we have some other sources through which common masses can easily be educated in the nuke and corners of the state/country e.g religious institutions, schools, colleges, universities, Political gatherings etc.
Yours etc..
Prof Hardial Singh
Deptt of Botany