Politics on Article 35-A

Most Kashmir Centric Politicians have not yet made their mind participate in the elections of Local Bodies and Panchayats. NC the major political party in the State has withdrawn from its earlier stand in which to President and ex Chief Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah had announced their participation in the local bodies elections. The separatists have already boycotted the said elections.
But there one is at a loss to understand why the main stream party has aversed its earlier stand. By doing so, does it mean to aversed its earlier stand. By doing so, does it mean to build pressure on Supreme Court in the matter of Article 35-A participation in the elections of local bodies is to strengthen democratic institutions at the grass-root level. The State will get sufficient funds from the Centre for total development of the villages and towns. Politicising the Article 35 A at this juncture does not bode well . How long Vote Bank politics will befool the people of the State ? So far as Article 35-A is concerned which exists since 1954 is sub-judice in the Supreme Court. Let the Supreme Court decide on the issue. The elections for the Local Bodies and Panchayats stand delayed since long. People will be benefitted with the local governance, otherwise, they will be deprived of the local problems and day-to-day grievances. Elections of Panchayats will restore their faith in the matter of governance. The bycott calls should in no way deter the Governments in holding of the elections in the State of Jammu and Kashmir so that grassroot democratic institutions play their role in the growth of people of the State.
S N Raina