Politicians occupying illegally Govt. accommodation

If politicians really care and have regard for what it means to be in public life, how can they, despite having their own houses, continue to occupy Government accommodation at both Srinagar and Jammu capital cities? It is pertinent more in the context of they having been all ”ex” and ”former” ones and not being presently holding any office or being members of the legislature. How can their bread be butter so heavily from both sides? Division Bench of the High Court has, therefore, directed for knowing all about such politicians and ex-legislators in response to a PIL filed in the court against such illegal occupation.
It is astonishing to note that these politicians of yester years continue to possess illegally and without any rationale such public property since 2018 and even from earlier dates and neither the Estates Department nor other Government agencies have been able to evict them from such accommodation. Is some political pressure responsible for allowing such illegal occupation of public property, is needed to be known? They are no Royals or such ”special Authorities” to have irrevocable right to stick to A-type Kothis and Ministerial Bungalows even though possessing and owning their own houses and Kothis. They simply need to be evicted and asked to pay the rent at prevailing market prices for the entire period of unauthorised occupation. Let confidence in public be restored about politicians even when not in Government or in the capacity of legislators to not continue to enjoy at tax payer’s cost in the manner ”what they used to be ” when in Government.