Politicians fight to install statues of favourite leaders, do little for upkeep: Modi

NEW DELHI: Politicians fight with each other to install statues of their favourite leader, but they do not care for their upkeep, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today.

He also took a dig at politicians and retired Government officials who approach him for assignments but never show up again when he asks them to contribute towards cleanliness.

Addressing a gathering to mark the third anniversary of ‘clean India’ campaign, Modi said politicians and political parties fight with each other pressing for installation of statues of their favourite personality.

“But later, no one takes interest in its upkeep and cleanliness. Then pigeons are free to do anything on it (the statue),” he said.

Modi said several politicians, retired Government officials and those working for the society meet him and hand over their bio data.

“They say they are willing to extend their services and are awaiting my orders. When I politely tell them to contribute some time for cleanliness, they never turn up again,” he said.

The Prime Minister said while everyone believes in cleanliness, people are not ready to take responsibility. “No task is small,” he said. (AGENCIES