Political scenario in country

It is common knowledge that addiction of drugs plays havoc with ones mental, physical, moral and emotional health . But when, for one reason or the other, drugs are withdrawn from the daily routine of an addict, the consequences are disastrous . The person enslaved by drugs is shattered mentally and emotionally . He literally writes on the ground and tries hard to regain his joyous trance .
Not very different is the picture of political power addiction and its extremely painful withdrawal symptoms. The obtaining political scenario of India is dismally unsavoury and ominous .What the opposition parties are up to is a sad commentary on the politics of the day. Their leaders leave no chance unused to malign the Modi Govt. They are in deep distress . This because they have lost political authority and have been deprived of influence in the corridors of power. Not only this, most of them shudder at the prospect of their corrupt practices and scams getting exposed and the punishments awaiting them.This has impelled them to be all fire and tongs against the Govt. especially the PM. Disinformation campaign is at its peak .They set at naught whatever welfare schemes have been launched and development projects taken in hand.
It is a fact that despite consistent efforts for changing the face of the country, much remains to be done. But it is to be realised that the deeper the inherited malady, the longer it takes to put things to rights.
These parties have compulsively kept their diverse ideologies on the backburner and put their differences , whatever they be, under the carpet and have come together and formed what they call grand alliance . These leaders have gone full throttle in their endeavours to chase away Modi , their arch enemy , from the political landscape of the country . They have no political agenda except inveterate hatred for Modi. In their utter frustration caused by loss of political power, they ‘speak daggers’ against the Prime Minister. The level of their decency has gone down abysmally and their political propriety has been thrown to the winds.
Now that the general elections are round the corner, they try every stratagem to lure the voters to vote them to power . They are putting their bodies and souls together in tarnishing the image of Modi by dinning into the ears of the public the’ wrong policies’ of the Modi Govt. which, as they believe, have brought catastrophe to the nation .Their chief weapon of disinformation is speaking of lies.They seem to believe that when a lie is repeated umpteen times , it passes as a truth but the voters are mature enough politically to sift the grain from the chaff.
The political desperados who are creating unwholesome atmosphere in the country will do well to heed the advice of the poet who says … ” TU MERA NA BAN SAKA, NA BAN, APNA TO BAN” (You could not be true to me , let you not be, but atleast be true to yourself)
Prof. M L Raina