Police modernisation

The police force must be organised and equipped in such a way that it functions efficiently , professionally and with speed to result in maintenance of law and order very effectively. While we expect miracles to be performed by the police personnel and expect them to reach in lightening speed the spots of crime , if not be already present there to avert and pre-empt crime , we very often forget or overlook the problems they face and the absence of adequate infrastructural support they are to live with. Per lakh population police ratio is abysmally low. Nearly 25 percent of actual posts in police force , on an average, remain vacant and not filled in time. At the same time, very less is spent from out of the budgets for allocations to police force for purposes of techno- legal training. In addition to it, better mobility , better and modern weaponry, communications gaps and deficiencies in installation of better buildings and ambiances coupled with host of other factors need to be addressed in order to strengthen and modernise our police force.
For doing it , if not massive but adequate funds support base is necessary to be kept at the disposal of the Police in order to shape and mould Indian Police personnel into a modern, professional and highly responsive Force. However, the modernisation process cannot obviously be done in one stroke but in a sustainable , progressive and planned way targeting each segment at a time and not touching too many half way. Hence, an action plan of five years – 2022- 26 seems a decision based on pragmatism and result oriented measure which needs to be implemented with proper monitoring. An outlay of Rs.26,275 crore seems reasonably adequate to start with as a funds base support to give practical shape to various reformist and innovative measures that would result in the Indian Police Force to get transformed into a modern and fully professional entity. In addition to meet security related expenditures, the UT government has to get Rs.18839 crore which stands earmarked for the purpose.