Police Headquarter rocked by purchases scam

Can it not be believed that it could happen in the state of Jammu and Kashmir that a device known as e-challan with market value of Rs.22,000 could be “managed” to be purchased for Rs.2.2 lacs or in simple arithmetic, ten times as much, a clear cut loot of public exchequer in general parlance and yet the “manipulators” are still not sent behind the bars? In plain and perspicuous words , a sensational scam of massive proportion in which e-challan devices with market value and actual purchase value with 10 times inflated push by SICOP for Police Headquarters destined to be used by the Traffic Police, has surfaced . The idea of the purchase was to replace conventional manual system presently in vogue in the State. The view that the State was plagued with massive corruption stands not only vindicated but strengthened with yet another instance of how purchases generally are made in the state while perhaps only a few could surface in public glaze.
Who manipulated purchasing from one company but pasting labels of another company, the branded one to facilitate the scam ? Who conspired to have the massive thieving plan to fructify into a reality? Who fudged the bills unbelievably by as much as ten times? Who were going to be the recipients of the booty by duping the public exchequer? Who planned the purchase and who were the members on the purchase committee? These are just a few preliminary questions that the public would, at the outset,ask . However, sensing the gravity of the scandal, it has been decided to hand over the case to the Anti Corruption Bureau which is expected to lodge the First Information Report (FIR). The case currently being investigated by the Crime Branch,otherwise, fell under the purview of Police Headquarters itself. Hence it has been decided to be transferred to the ACB.
It would be in the fitness of things to keep the entire records , papers, files, and any material concerning the “purchase” under foolproof joint security to pre-empt and obfuscate any attempt of tampering with or any other act which could jeopardise the investigation to reach up to the neck of the culprits to face the legal consequences. It is learnt that the company “shown” as supplier of the machines has categorically denied having sold the machines but at the same time, it needs to be ascertained whether their letter heads were genuine, stolen from their premises or simply forged and surreptitiously printed by the perpetrators of the scam.
The modus operandi of the scam is showing purchases purported to have been made from X Company which when contacted , expressed complete ignorance about having received any orders for supplying of the devices from the SICOP while the devices bore tagging of that company whereas actual purchases have been made from Y Company which is manufacturing devices of cheap and sub-standard quality . When some of the devices were supplied , a survey committee was set up and the then IGP Traffic was asked to examine operational feasibility of the machines and it was found out that the devices were awfully ordinary. During investigations , it surfaced that the SICOP had made payments of Rs.40 lacs to the company even without waiting for nod from the Police Headquarters or even actually receiving payments from them. So much “promptness” shown and much speed to have their ulterior motives run full circle to result in robbing the State exchequer. We urge for speedy investigations , naming and shaming followed by prompt but exemplary punishment to the officials involved in this scam.