Police has new Chief

The new Director General of State Police, Shri K. Rajendra is not new to the State. He has previously served as IGP Kashmir and also IGP Jammu. As such, he knows what are the main problems facing the State and what measures are available to meet the challenge. It is good for the State that the top cop is very closely associated with militancy and security-related matters in the state. We appreciate his views that he would see to it that peace is maintained in the State and nobody is given chance of disrupting law and order. At the same time, he is determined to cross swords with the remnants of militancy hiding here or there. He is aware that modernization of police force is of much importance particularly when the police are supposed to play the role of meeting armed challenge from terrorists. He has hit at the head of the nail by saying that although militancy has come down in the State yet the police will not lower its guard. That is very correct approach to the ground situation. We should not remain complacent and should not think that lowered frequency of militant attacks means that militancy has been uprooted lock, stock and barrel. No we have still to go a long way to uproot militancy.