POJK refugees’ Package

This is regarding news “Centre takes disbursement of PoJK refugees package in own hands” published in DE 2nd April 2017.It has been reported that the package of Rs 2000 crores meant for PoJK refugees was released 3-4 months back but barring handful of persons, none of the beneficiaries have been paid the amount resulting in protests by the different organizations of the PoJK refugees. Govt of India has already clarified to the refugees that Rs 2000 crores was not end of the package. Time and again it is being reported by the Displaced of 1947 from PoJK that hardships are being faced with regard to documentation and formalities required for applying to get relief amount sanctioned by the Government. It has been complained that people have to wait for long time to get certified copies of more than 70 years old documents like Form ‘A’ and loan ledger etc from the PRO’ office, Jammu. Recently, after a detailed examination of scheme made public by the Government on website and by media notices it was decided by the displaced families that they should not accept the amount of Rs 5.50 lakh per 1947 family as one time settlement. It was protested that the offer of Rs 5.50 lakh per family made by Govt of India is a joke and in no way acceptable in lieu of left over properties worth crores of rupees as per the current market rates. Sensing the abnormal delay in disbursement of package to the concerned families and resentment shown by different bodies of displaced families for payment of Rs 5.50 lakh, the Central Govt has decided to take disbursement of package in its own hands through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Scheme. Since the State Government has to furnish entire details of PoJK refugees like their total number, heads of families, complete lists of beneficiaries along with their account numbers and other requisite formalities as such the Central Government has still to remain dependent on the State Government for this purpose.
However, sensing the seriousness of the Central Government it is seen from the Annuxure-B and Annexure-C published in DE April 4, 2017 that the formats for release of Financial assistance by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India to the displaced person of PoJK (1947) and Chhamb (1965-71) living in J&K affecting 248 beneficiaries (including cases where original beneficiaries Alive/ not Alive) have been published. As the task of disbursement has been taken in its own hands by the Central Government, it is hoped that the disbursement would be made to the beneficiaries shortly. If the  scheme of disbursement by the Central Govt  directly is implemented successfully then it should become a precedence for disbursement direct to the beneficiary in the case of other schemes also for which the funds are allocated by the Central Government.
Yours etc…….
S.S.Jamwal, New Plots