PoJK Medical Colleges not de-jure institutions

In India, at least any person rolled out as a medical graduate or any degree holder from any of the medical institutions in Pakistan occupied Indian areas of Jammu , Kashmir and Ladakh would not be allowed and cannot practice as a medical practitioner as such in any part of the country. This step taken by the Union Ministry is a right step taken in right direction , though belatedly. India has repeatedly been saying that all the territories of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh are integral part of India and Pakistan is in illegal and forcible occupation of a part of the territory. Hence any degree obtained by anyone from any medical institution in such occupied areas cannot be considered for granting of registration under the Indian Medical Council Act 1956 for practicing modern medicine in India.
Last year, similarly the Union Public Service Commission had asked students across the country not to take admission in colleges and universities in Pakistan occupied Kashmir as they had no approval of the Indian State. Needless to add, Kashmir separatist leaders were “recommending” candidates to such institutions in Pakistan occupied Indian areas of Jammu and Kashmir to study medicine and even some students were managing to go to Pakistan as that country had ”reserved” some quota for such students . Similar stand has also been taken by the AICTE and MCI in this respect. Simple but effective decisions sending the requisite message loud and clear can be taken only by Governments that believe in such policy.