PM’s Independence Day speech

It was all about achievements, vision for the coming years, commitment to touch new heights of development, fulfilling the dreams of past years, advice to critics, covetousness to touch $5 trillion economy as soon as possible and the like, all from Prime Minister Narendra Modi from ramparts of the Red Fort on the eve of celebrating 73rd year of the nation’s independence day on Thursday. Something innovative and daring like the bold decision of demonetization, this time it was about scrapping of Article 370 (and the Article 35(A)) which conferred special status on the state of Jammu and Kashmir though temporarily and on August 5, 2019 history was scripted by scrapping it and how could the Prime Minister not make a mention about such a decision which required a strong political will.
It was a natural corollary and all in the fitness of things to cogently and logically justify the historic decision taken by his Government by saying that if the revocation was criticised, why did the Governments so far not make that arrangement permanent ? Pooh- poohing the habit of ‘ignoring’ the problems rather than resolving , he assertively announced as what had not been done during 70 years was done within 70 days (of his making it to the PM’s chair consecutively for the second term). Lauding 130 crore people of India for “coming together” for fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of the people of Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir, he took the wind out of the sails of Congress and a few other opposition parties’ leaders in calling the act of reorganising the state as unconstitutional and undemocratic as both the houses of the country’s Parliament with two thirds majority had endorsed and put their stamp of approval on the Government’s decision.
The Prime Minister, in an upbeat and festive look started his speech with felicitating the countrymen on celebrating 73rd year of independence and since the day coincided with the annual Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan, the “bond of protection, obligation and care”, he extended greetings to all brothers and sisters on the auspicious day. At the same time, how could he not remember and express grief over the loss of lives due to the fury of floods witnessed by many states. Since the signs of some slowdown of the economy have erupted during the last two quarters which again is due to the factors extraneous and connected to the scenario prevalent globally, the Prime Minister while sharing the levels of efforts being made in “all fields and in every direction”, assured the countrymen that the responsibility assigned by them to the Government to serve them to achieve their hopes, expectations and aspirations were being looked into with complete devotion and “without wasting a single moment.”
The Prime Minister, during his over 90 minutes speech took off the wrap of any pessimist tendencies as he, while travelling extensively prior to 2013-14 had witnessed the feeling of the countrymen. The disappointment and apprehensions on their faces, as the PM saw, perhaps were full of doubts whether the country would at all change for the better. Due to the hard work and “millions of countrymen being in my heart”, “only the country being in my heart”, the mood and the aspirations of the people in 2019 had undergone a change and aspirations were there for more of development and facilities and the Government was fully committed towards that end. Despairs have changed into hopes, dreams linked to resolutions and we could change the country was how the PM vowed to work towards a still better tomorrow. When seen in the perspective, much is needed to be done.
Since India has taken big and giant leaps in space technology and made its presence felt among the top four in the world, the journey of Chandrayan-2 towards the moon was no ordinary feat performed by our space scientists and engineers especially seen in the backdrop of all the parts and instruments used in the said spacecraft being indigenously made and the PM made a mention of the event as on 15th August, the Yan had speeded towards the moon.
Water crisis and its looming ramifications cannot be overlooked as almost all states in the country were concerned about the problem and the dire need of its efficient and lasting management is what the PM stressed upon and shared with the nation the decision of his Government by formation of a new separate ministry of Jal Shakti to facilitate the centre and the states to jointly find out strategies in evolving new solutions and develop schemes and policies to ward off the imminent impending water crisis.
How could the biggest challenge to peace and tranquillity as also to the pace of country’s development from terrorism not having been dwelt upon by the PM which he did in unambiguous manner that it had to be fought to the finish. The need to go in for population control as mentioned by the Prime Minister and that also in details both as request, as the need to feel the impact as also an encouragement to those limiting the families etc is perhaps for the first time in decades having been heard so variedly on a solemn occasion as the celebration of the independence day. We feel a mention of the giant problem on the important day would do no better unless some concrete measures were taken in this regard.