PMGSY Phase -3


Rural connectivity and infrastructural development in Jammu and Kashmir can vastly be achieved by implementation of the flagship scheme of Prime Minister Gramin Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) and in this connection, phases 1 and 2 having already been completed and as many as 2353 projects under the said scheme having already been completed , mostly within the timeframe, constructing a road length of 17500 Kms covering 2071 villages hundreds of roads blacktopped coupled with building small and medium 125 bridges during the last two years, now for undertaking third phase under the said scheme covering a road length of 1276 Kms, an amount of Rs.1357 crore has been decided to be accorded the approval by the Union Ministry for Rural Development . In this connection, the UT Government has only to contribute an amount of Rs.137 crore as margin money. Like this, it is expected that the third phase shall shortly be started to be implemented in the UT thus adding more road length in and around our unconnected rural areas to ensure that the people living have access to all weather road connectivity to give a feel to them of partaking of the developmental current flowing across the country especially in Jammu and Kashmir post abrogation of “special Status” in 2019. Rural economy to develop fast and ease of living ensured not only in ordinary normal course but speedily, must have easy interconnectivity approach hence roads in hitherto neglected and backward areas which otherwise are with good potential and promise in agriculture, horticulture and dairy farming sectors. Good roads in the rural sector are concomitant of agricultural prosperity of the respective areas as marketing of produce by the farmers becomes easy and profitable on account of hassles free transportation of such produce especially dairy, fruits and vegetables which are highly perishable. Since the Prime Minister has a vision to see Jammu and Kashmir on a fast track development which cannot take place in the absence of our vast rural areas having all weather connectivity roads, the Lieutenant Governor, therefore, has extended the due gratitude to him and the Union Minister for Rural Development for having accorded sanction to Rs.1357 crore for construction of roads under the PMGSY phase III to unconnected habitations in Jammu and Kashmir. We feel, while chalking the list of such areas, preference must be given to far flung and ”considered difficult” areas where how people in the absence of a reasonable road connectivity encounter problems especially in rainy season can only be visualised. It is also an admitted fact in this context that on comparative basis, Jammu and Kashmir can claim to be one among those States / UTs where rural connectivity by roads network is better though all hilly and far flung areas are yet to be covered under the PMGSY. It is again a matter of satisfaction that Jammu and Kashmir having a good track record of performing in the implementation of PMGSY scheme has earned eligibility to be allowed to expand this most important activity for betterment of our rural sector as rightly it is said that India lives in villages or Indian soul is in villages hence the third phase of the scheme to be implemented. It is again quite relevant to stress upon the most important aspect of construction of rural roads that of adhering to the principles of quality construction as later repairing and other associated assignments will expectedly not only not be attended to as and when required but probably ignored for years together. Hence, it becomes extremely important that constructed roads ”given” in such areas are such which can be used for some years quite smoothly. Again, it is heartening to note that newer technology and better material are to be used in construction of these roads and necessary MoU has mandatorily to be inked between the UT Government and the designated agency which will alleviate fears on any count in relation to maintaining of the requisite quality and sustainability strength of constructed