PM-Surya Ghar scheme

I am writing to commend the Government’s initiative on launching the PM-Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojna, a landmark scheme that aims to revolutionize the energy landscape of our nation.
The provision of subsidies, free power, and support mechanisms for rooftop solar installations underscores the commitment to making clean energy accessible to all.
Moreover, the scheme’s inclusivity, emphasis on local governance, and focus on economic empowerment through renewable energy entrepreneurship are commendable.
This holistic approach not only addresses environmental concerns but also fosters socio-economic growth and empowers communities.
The PM-Surya Ghar scheme holds immense potential, especially for regions like Jammu and Kashmir, in addressing power crises and fostering sustainable development. However, effective implementation and continued support from all stakeholders are crucial for its success.
Nishikant Sharma