PM praises Azad

A Tribute to the son of the soil from Jammu & Kashmir “Ghulam Nabi Azad” by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for being a true representative of the “Kashmiryat, Insaniyat & jamhuriat”.
As the Prime Minister, himself spoke all the great achievements about GN Azad, sharing a special personal bond with him, discussed few critical events of the history, giving him all the due respect, which G N Azad richly deserves at the twilight of his political career, staying away from any political controversy in his long political career at the centre stage of Indian political with a clean political image. The great tribute given by the PM to Azad has shown the strong Indian democratic foundation.
Paying tributes to the great leaders of the country, even from the principal opposition party, PM Modi has always risked his political base and career, which congress party have failed to recognise the sacrifices and hardships of those great leaders contributed for congress party in the past, which include, Great Sardar Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri, PV Narasimha Rao, Dr M M Singh, Pranab Da now Ghulam Nabi Azad, all these leaders played pivotal role to develop the broken congress party, but somehow the core thinkers of congress party close to leadership deliberately/unceremoniously ended the careers of such great leaders of India.
PM Modi went beyond his political limitation & walked an extra mile to facilitate Azad in a very emotional speech, which gives me the reason to write and thank PM Modi for respecting our son of the soil from Jammu and Kashmir.
PM Modi didn’t only respect GN Azad on the floor of the house, but equally respected the sensitive and emotional connect of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, which is attached to him, he is the tallest leader and the face of the mainstream politics in Jammu and Kashmir with no separatist baggage attached to him. He is a clear true Indian Politician.
PM Modi’s fine tribute to Azad in the parliament, reflects what GN Azad fought for the prestige of tricolour in erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir, stayed core to the true Indian values, defended the Indian constitution in Jammu & Kashmir and at domestic and International stage, when everyone (including mainstream politicians) were thinking opposite in Kashmir, he has clearly stated Jammu & Kashmir’s past, present & future are with the India.
He is the ultimate Bharat Ratna for the people of Jammu & Kashmir & India. Azad has shown the young and aspiring people of J&K, how to stay true to your country and always remain loyal towards the tricolour. PM’s tribute to him has acknowledged those very sentiments, it shows PM Modi value the famous poetry on Kashmir by Late Atal Ji, Kashmiryat, Insaniyat and Jamhuriat, by acknowledging the contribution of Azad as a true Indian statesmen from Jammu & Kashmir.
G N Azad’s journey started from very humble background, born and brought up in a remote village of the Doda district, started his primary education in the village only, shifted to Bhaderwah town of the Doda district for further education and then later higher studies at Kashmir University, where he started and joined active college politics, and it was during those days the congress central leadership identified the talent in him.
As the chief minister he worked for all the regions, communities and areas, he is the ultimate bridge between the two divided regions, during his time as chief minister, he equally distributed the developmental projects, even now people of the state acknowledge his work. He has a presence and command respect in both regions.
He has no enemy in politics, represents a true conventional Indian politician, he is the perfect blend of Gandian, Nehruvian & Atalian ( Atal ) style of politics, hence rightly acknowledged by PM Modi. Lesson for all the mainstream politicians, to have insaniyat in your conduct, practice and endorse Jamhuriat, which is a reflection of a true Kashmiriyat.
Dr Haroon Shan