PM offers prayers at Ram Lalla temple

Ayodhya: Mr Narendra Modi became the first prime minister of the country to offer prayers at the Ram Lalla temple here, just before the commencement of ”bhoomi pujan” for a grand Ram temple.
At the Ram Lalla temple, the PM offered flowers to the God and other deities and performed ”aarti” besides ”parikrama” of the temple.

He was alone inside the temple as Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi stood out.

Later, he planted a Parijat (Indian night jasmine) sapling and watered it. The PM also talked to the main priest about the sapling.
Prior to this, the PM had worshipped at the Hanumangarhi temple for around 8 minutes and performed a brief ”aarti” with Ramdhun playing in the background.
Accompanied by the UP Chief Minister, who is the Mahant of Goraksh Peth of Gorakhpur, the PM went for a parikarma of the temple as per the ritual.
Sri Gaddinsheen Premdas Ji Maharaj, head priest of Hanumangarhi temple after the end of the puja gifted a headgear, a silver crown and a stole with the name of Lord Ram on it to the PM.

The PM, in his traditional ”pitambari” outfit and a face mask, was silent throughout his visit to the temple. This was after 29 years, that Mr Modi is visiting Hanumangarhi temple. He visited last here in 1991 during the Ram temple movement.
Mr Modi reached here the Saket college ground exactly at 1130 hrs in the morning to lay the foundation of the grand Ram temple and attend the Bhoomi pujan.

At the helipad, he was greeted by Mr Adityanath along with Trust members and officials. (AGENCIES)