PM Modi’s Acknowledgement Ignites Pride, Gratitude Among Kashmiri Artisans For Namda Craft Revival

JAMMU, Jul 17: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent praise for the artisans behind the revival of Kashmir’s historic Namda craft has ignited a wave of joy and excitement among the talented craftsmen of the region.
In a tweet, PM Modi commended their efforts and highlighted the significance of this revival for the rich heritage of Kashmir.
“Delighted that Kashmir’s centuries-old ‘Namda’ craft is reviving and now reaching global shores after years! This is a testament to our artisans’ skills and resilience. This revival is great news for our rich heritage,” PM Modi tweeted on Monday.
Namda, a centuries-old craft indigenous to the valley of Kashmir, involves the creation of felted rugs and mats by layering and compressing wool fibres. The craft had faced a decline in recent years but has now experienced a remarkable resurgence, with the exquisite creations gaining recognition and demand on a global scale.
PM Modi, quoting a report on Namda exports, expressed his delight at the craft’s revival and its subsequent reach to international markets. He lauded the artisans’ skills and resilience, viewing their success as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the region.
The news of Prime Minister Modi’s acknowledgement has spread like wildfire through the artisan community in Kashmir, generating a renewed sense of pride and enthusiasm among the craftsmen.
Many artisans expressed their gratitude for the recognition and credited the government’s support and initiatives for the revival of the Namda craft.
Farooq Ahmad Khan, a skilled Namda artisan from Srinagar said, “It is an absolute honour to have our Prime Minister recognize the efforts we have put into reviving this ancient craft. We have dedicated ourselves to preserving our cultural heritage, and this acknowledgement motivates us even further. The global recognition of Namda is a testament to the intricate craftsmanship and artistic talent of Kashmiri artisans.”
Another artisan, Mohd Ayoub, emphasized the economic and social impact of the craft’s revival.
“The revival of Namda craft has not only provided a livelihood to many artisans like myself but has also rejuvenated the local economy. We are grateful for the government’s initiatives and for Prime Minister Modi’s recognition, which has brought the craft the attention it deserves,” he said.
The resurgence of the Namda craft has opened up new avenues for artisans in the global marketplace, with increased demand for their unique creations. The exquisite rugs and mats crafted by Kashmiri artisans are now finding homes in various countries, serving as a representation of the region’s rich cultural legacy. (AGENCIES)