PM Modi praises karyakartas for serving society, mentions ‘Sewa hi Sangathan’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the BJP National Executive meeting in New Delhi on Sunday.

New Delhi, Nov 7: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday spoke extensively on BJP’s ambitious Sewa Hi Sangathan drive.
The PM said the world is praising India not because of him but because of the faith the people of the country have in party workers.
It was an emotional speech to party workers. The PM said, “Be with the people. Be in touch with them and have affinity with the people you know.”
The PM praised the party workers for serving society, even those who were with the party from its inception and left it eventually.
The PM stated that the confidence of the state presidents in winning poll-bound states comes from the work they have done in society.
“When I was listening to the state presidents and CMs of the five states going to elections, I realised that their confidence is derived from the satisfaction of the work they have done for their states in the past five years. This is the beauty of service,” said the PM boosting the morale of workers.
The PM also said that those who were with the party since its inception needs to be honoured.
“Service is the highest form of worship. A new culture of service has been demonstrated by the karyakartas of the BJP. Sewa hi Sangathan has served the nation during tough times,” added the PM.
The PM also stated that the party needs to honour all those who were with us since inception, even if these workers have left, the work that they did for the growth of the party should be mentioned.
The PM stated that the world is praising India today. “It is not because of someone called Modi but because of the will and confidence of the people and the faith they have in themselves,” stated the PM. (Agencies)