PM Modi interacts with children awarded Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with 'Bal Puraskar' winners, via video confrencing, in New Delhi.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with 'Bal Puraskar' winners, via video confrencing, in New Delhi.

NEW DELHI, Jan 25:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday lauded the contribution of children in raising awareness about handwashing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and said that a programme tastes success if they become part of it.
In an interaction with the ‘Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar’ awardees via video conferencing, Modi praised the winners and said they should never stop working and stay humble all the time.
He also asked them to work for the country, urging them to think of what they can do as the nation approaches the 75th year of its Independence.
The prime minister also asked them to read biographies and said it will keep inspiring them.
Speaking to a boy who made farming equipment, Modi said modern agriculture is the need of the country.
Children also played a big role in spreading awareness about sanitation as part of the ‘Swachh Bharat’ programme, he noted.
The prime minister said that this year’s awards are special as the recipient earned them in the difficult times of Corona.
During the interaction, Modi acknowledged the role of children in major behaviour-change campaigns like the swachata movement.
He said when children got involved in campaigns like the one on handwash during Corona time, the campaigns caught the imagination of people and achieved success.
He also noted the diversity in the fields in which awards have been given this year.
Prime Minister Modi observed that when a small idea is supported by the right action, results are impressive.
He asked the children to believe in action as this interplay of ideas and action will trigger many actions inspiring people for greater things.
The prime minister advised the children not to rest on their laurels and said they should continue to strive for better results in their lives.
Modi asked the children to take note of three pledges. “First, pledge of consistency. There should not be any slackening of speed of the action. Second, pledge for the country. If we work for the country and treat every work in terms of the country then that work will become greater than the self. Third, the pledge of humility. Every success should spur us to be more polite as our humility will enable others to celebrate our success with us, ” he said.
The government has been conferring the Bal Shakti Puraskar under the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar to the children with exceptional abilities and outstanding achievement in the fields of innovation, scholastic achievements, sports, arts and culture, social service and bravery.
A total of 32 applicants from across the country under different categories of Bal Shakti Puraskar have been selected for PMRBP-2021. (PTI)