PM calls upon people to visit Kashmir; says there are many things to see, know

‘J&K pictures, train video in snow captivate hearts’
Many Kashmiri youth will win medals, hoist tricolor

Sanjeev Pargal
JAMMU, Jan 29: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today that pictures of this winter from Jammu and Kashmir particularly video of the train moving from Banihal to Budgam have captivated hearts in the entire country prompting some to say that the scene looks like a fairy tale.
Addressing monthly ‘Mann Ki Baat’ edition on Radio, his first of this year, Modi called upon the people to visit Kashmir along with friends as there are many more things to see and know.
“This time in our country, especially in North India, there was severe winter. During winters, people also enjoyed snowfall on the mountains. Some pictures came in from Jammu and Kashmir which captivate hearts in the entire country,” Modi said.
Asserting that people from all over the world are liking these pictures on social media, he said due to snowfall, Kashmir valley has become very beautiful this time like every year. People are sharing beautiful pictures particularly the video of the train plying on Banihal-Budgam route.
“People are saying that picture of beautiful snowfall, white sheet like snow all around, looks like a fairy tale. They comment that these pictures are not of any foreign nation but that of Kashmir in our own country,” the Prime Minister said.
Quoting one of the social media user who wrote ‘What could be more beautiful than this heaven’, he said this is absolutely correct and that is why Kashmir is called heaven on earth.
“Seeing these picture, you too must be thinking of going on a trip to Kashmir. I would like you to go there yourself and also take your friends along. Besides snow-capped mountains along with natural beauty, there are many more things to see and know in Kashmir,” the Prime Minister said.
He also referred to winter games which were organised in Syedabad (in Pulwama district) of Kashmir. Theme of these games, he added, was snow cricket.
“You might be thinking that snow cricket would be very exciting game and you are absolutely right,” Modi said, adding the Kashmiri youth make cricket even more amazing in the snow.
Through snow cricket, there is also a search for young players in Kashmir who will later play as Team India, he said.
In a way, Modi said, this is also an extension of the ‘Khelo India Movement’.
“In Kashmir, there is a lot of enthusiasm among the youth regarding sports. In the coming days, many of these youth will win medals for the country and will hoist the tricolor. I would suggest that the next time you plan a trip to Kashmir, take out time to visit such events. These experiences will make your trip even more memorable,” the Prime Minister said.
Sports activities across Pulwama have touched a new milestone with the provision of sports infrastructure in all Panchayats.
Pertinently, under the mission of play fields in each Panchayat, land in Syedabad (Pastuna) Panchayat of Tral Sub Division was identified and Playfield was developed under MGNREGA in FY 2022-23, and the village witnessed a big tournament during this winter.
The cricket match in Chilaikalan (chilling season across Kashmir) was held in Syedabad (Pastuna) on the smooth surface of snow for the first time during this winter.
The sports theme of this winter game was Snow Cricket and was a local talent hunt in cricket. This is for the first time that youth were directly benefited by CSSs.
This facility not only fulfils the aspirations of Pulwama youth but also strengthens the vision of “Youth-led development” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a Jammu and Kashmir Government handout said.
“The youth have reciprocated to the sports spirit and channelized their achievements and energy on the platform of Khelo India. Now more youth are getting attracted to sports activities across Pulwama,” the handout said..
This is a positive and a vibrant change, and shall have far reaching and best results in coming times with youth getting engaged in sports which develops the competition and leadership qualities, it added.
Earlier, Prime Minister has also lauded the efforts made by Manzoor Ahmed Elahi, an entrepreneur from Ukhoo, Pulwama who is providing pencil slates to big firms of the country.
The Prime Minister has also mentioned the efforts of two brothers namely Bashir Ahmed and Munir Ahmad who have set an example in the realm of self employment. Despite being highly educated both brothers started a vermicompost StartUp and supply organic manure to farmers at reasonable prices. The Vermicompost Startup is also a novelty in the Organic Agriculture produce.
People of Pulwama have expressed immense gratitude to the Prime Minister by mentioning Pulwama multiple times in Mann Ki Baat for inspiring the youth, the official handout said.
PTI adds: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said domestic patent filings have outscored the country’s foreign patent filings as he expressed confidence that India’s dream of “techade” — his call for Indian technologies to dominate the decade — will be fulfilled on the strength of its innovators.
This underscores the country’s increasing scientific capabilities, he said in the first episode of ‘Mann ki Baat’ in the new year.
Modi has in the past used “techade” to describe the decade being dominated by home-grown technologies.
He said India’s rank in patent filling is seventh globally while it is fifth in trademark registration. India’s patent registration has risen by 50 per cent in the last five years, the prime minister said, noting its ranking in the global innovation index has surged to 40 from below 80 in 2015.
“I am confident that India’s dream of techade will be fulfilled by its innovators and their patents,” he said.
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The premier Indian Institute of Science had 145 patents in 2022 which is a rare record, Modi said.
In the broadcast, he informed people that the total number of Ramsar sites, an international recognition for wetlands, in the country has increased to 75 from 26 in 2014.
In his address, Modi noted that this year’s Padma awards, described by him as “People’s Padma”, include a number of tribal people or those working for the community besides those who have strengthened the world of music.
He urged people to read about the winners and said their stories will inspire new generations.
Lauding a book, ‘India – The Mother of Democracy’, the Prime Minister said Indians are also proud of the fact that their country is the “mother of democracy”.
“Democracy is in our veins and is our culture. It has been an integral part of our work for centuries. By nature, India is a democratic society”, he said.
“After reading this book, you will feel how the spirit of democracy has been flowing in every part of the country for centuries,” Modi said.