PM appeals misguided youth

Drawing the analogy of the national mainstream with “your own family”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s exhortative advice to the misguided youth to shun violence and return to the national mainstream to contribute their might in the development of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, attaches a lot of significance and the purpose.  The appeal needs to be taken in proper perspective with a positive response to usher in an era of relative peace and emphasis back  on developmental synergetic efforts. It may not in any manner   be taken anything short of the real intent and purpose of the Central Government to have the situation sans any sort of violence  which could give space and the cause of retributive response from the State which the Government both at the centre as well as at the state, try hard to avoid.
Not only this, the Prime Minister underlined the scope and width of the role of the misguided youth even beyond Jammu and Kashmir by accentuating their participation in the “development of not only Kashmir but India and there was no alternative to peace and stability.” Modi concluded his one day’s visit to the three regions of the state, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir. The occasion saw him dedicating the 330 Mega Watts Krishen Ganga Power Project to the nation. The Prime Minister also laid the foundation stone for the Srinagar Ring Road at the Sher-e-Kashmir International Convention Centre.
Giving credence to the announcement of the halt to anti militancy operations in Kashmir during the month of Ramzan, the Prime Minister reiterated and recalled his stand made quite distinct, clear and meaningful from the ramparts of the Red Fort last year on the eve of his address to the nation on August 15, that neither the bullet, nor the abuse but the need to embrace all  would pave the way for solving the Kashmir issue. He said, “Last year I spent my Diwali with the Jawans in Gurez and today I am amidst you in the holy month of Ramzan thus dispelling any apprehensions that could get sustenance by the vested interests that the Central leadership was not committed towards the overall welfare of the State.”
It is now widely believed, based on ground realities that whenever there is any sincere attempt  from the Government or otherwise to move ahead, braving difficulties, towards any sort of normalization in the trouble torn valley, Pakistan immediately accelerates its evil mechanism of letting loose violent incidents either on the borders or inside the valley itself in a vain bid to draw the international attention towards the unrest rather than the peace efforts. This is evident as in the present “very difficult” decision to temporarily halt anti militancy operation during the month of Ramzan, Pakistan upped its unprovoked border violations causing death to five including a brave heart of our security forces thus trying to subvert the decision of the Indian Government and abort its wider after imprints towards opting for more peace initiatives. Towards this detestable motive of Pakistan, the  Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti also made mention in her speech  lauding the bold but the difficult decision of the Central Government to grant a halt to anti militancy operations for a month. The need is to give wider promotion and a due hype to the reality of Pakistan having been isolated internationally because of fostering terrorism and hatred thus leaving behind not an iota of doubt that violence at her behest was not going to bring any “desired dividends”.
Asia’s longest and strategic bi- directional tunnel , known as Zojila tunnel saw the work on it getting kick started by the Prime Minister.  It may be recalled that the present Government had approved Zojila Pass Tunnel Project (14 km long) in January 2018. This tunnel will provide all weather connectivity between Srinagar, Leh and Kargil districts of the State and reduce or save nearly four hours of travelling using conventional roads.  Zojila pass has otherwise its own fame as in 1948, to everyone’s surprise, Indian Army successfully used tanks, the highest altitude then at which tanks had been used. However, this road is closed for maximum period during winter months and the proposed tunnel will resolve that problem. The Prime Minister termed the tunnel as the one leading to all -round economic and socio- cultural integration of these regions besides being of utmost strategic importance.
Narendra Modi also attended the closing ceremony of the birth centenary celebrations of the 19th Koshok Bakula Rinpoche (Buddhist Spiritual Guru).  He remembered his rich contribution as his life was dedicated to serve others.


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