Plea to LGs

Three months ago the Governor of the erstwhile J&K State Satyapal Malik was kind enough to announce the employeement package of 50,000 jobs for the educated un-employed youth of the J&K State and it was announced that the said posts would be filled up within a period of 2-3 months but unfortunately this announcement has not been implemented till date and as such remained the half way.
Therefore, in this context, a forceful plea is made to the present LG J&K (UT) Girish Chandra Murmu and LG Ladakh(UT) RK Mathur to kindly carry forward the above mentioned announcement of the employement package for both the Union Territories simultaenously along with thousands of posts already lying vaccant in various departments as the educated un-employed youth are very eagerly waiting for the implementation of the employment package. It is worthwhile to mention it here that by solving the un-employment problem both the UT(s) will lead to greater developnment, decrease the unrest and will prevent the educated un-employed youth to adopt the agitational and other wrong paths. Hope, for an early positive action in this regard at the earliest in the best interest of the educated un-employed youth, the general public and the Government(s) itself as well.
Ashok K. Lalpuri
45, Ajeet Colony Extn.
Gole Gujral, Jammu-2