Plea to LG from POJK families

We are glad to know from your public address to the public of Jammu on 7th March, 2023 that the UT Government of Jammu & Kashmir is taking several steps for the welfare of DPs from POJK in 1947. But is sad that DPs living outside J&K have always been neglected in the following matters:-
* DPs living outside J&K are double victims of displacement in 1947. Firstly, the Pak Army brutally displaced and killed many of them from their native place in POJK. Secondly, after reaching Jammu, the then State Government did not allow them to settle and were sent out of the State .
* DPs living outside J&K were neglected for consideration of compensation under the Prime Minister Relief Package, 2015 under which DPs settled in Jammu were paid an amount of Rs.5.5 Lakhs per family. DPs living outside J&K were not made eligible for this compensation.
* This Society filed a Writ Petition before the Hon’ble High Court of Jammu in 2017 requesting to make eligible the DPs living outside J&K for this relief. On 10th March, 2022 the UT Government of J&K filed a report before the Hon’ble Court stating that they now intend to pay this relief to the DPs living outside J&K also. On 14th March, 2022, the Hon’ble Court directed the Union of Government to file their response in this matter. On 23rd February, 2023, a delegation of Mirpur Balidan Bhawan Samity met the Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Union of India on this matter, almost one year has elapsed but no action so far.
* Hardly 2 to 3 percent of actual victims of displacement in 1947 are presently surviving and others lost their lives during last 75 years in the hope of any compensation from the Government. Surviving victims also may have the same fated if no action is taken at the earliest.
* The Samity requests to treat the DPs settled outside J&K at par with the DPs settled in Jammu especially when they have been granted Domicile Certificate by the UT Government of J&K
Madan Mohan Gupta
General Secretary
Mirpur Balidan Bhawan Samity, New Delhi