Plea to Accountant General

SRO 59 dated 6.2.1990 was implemented by the erstwhile State now Union Territory Jammu and Kashmir for implementation from 18.9.1989 which was governed by Government order No. PW 84 of 1994 dt. 21.2.1994. Some doubts were raids by Accountant General Jammu and Kashmir regarding settlement of persion cases keeping in view the criteria of Government order No. 84 dated 21.2.1994. The Government of Jammu and Kashmir State had clarified to the Accountant General the conditions as laid down in the Government Order No. 84 dated 21.2.1994 vide letter PW/Hyd/Acctt/SRO-59/2009-10 dated 10.3.2010 and again by Finance Department vide Letter No. at Serial No. 1 of Letter No. A/29 (96)-1-192 dated 8.1.2014 where under it was categorically clarified that provisions/benefits of the Govt. Order No. 84-PW dated 21.2.1994 are prospective and would not apply to the persons in service before 21.2.1994. On receipt of the clarification from the Finance Department the Accountant General had settled the pension cases accordingly in favour of the works supervisors with the benefit of the SRO 59 dated 6.2.1990 by ignoring the conditions as laid in the Government Order No. 84 of 21.2.1994 and thousands of pension cases had been settled till June 2018. Now the State Accountant General have stopped the authorization of settlement of pension cases of the Works Supervisors from 6.6.2018 with this context that the SRO 59 dated 6.2.1990 is doubtful and is not governed under rulers. This means that SRO 59 dated 6.2.1990 was correct in the eyes of the State Accountant General up to June 2018 and the pension cases were settled and after June 2018 it became invalid and the pension cases were stopped at his own will which is totally a mockery on the part of the State Accountant General. What changes have been carried out in the CSR/rules of the State of Jammu and Kashmir that SRO 59 dated 6.2.1990 became invalid for settlement of pension cases by Accountant General. The parent Department is submitting the pension cases for authorization to Accountant General but the same are either kept unattended or being returned back to the concerned DDOs without authorization of pension. On the one side thousands of pension cases have been settled by State Accountant General upto June 2018 with the benefit of SRO 59 and on the other side the same Accountant General has stopped the settlement of pension cases after June 2018 without any reasoning. It clearly indicates the arrogance on the part of the officers of the State Accountant General by applying double standards of treatment in favour of the officials of the same category having same status and criteria.
The Accountant General have also ignored the rule to follow the Article 242 of the J&K State CSR Volume I which clearly envisages that pension of the retired official should be reckoned on the basis of last pay drawn and it should not go back to a period earlier than a maximum of twenty four months preceding at the date of retirement.
By ignoring the fundamental principle the Accountant General have violated the rules by not sanctioning timely the pension cases of the hapless retired works supervisors of different deparments for more than one and a half years without any fault of them. The Accountant General is requested to take necessary action for settlement of the pension cases of the works supervisors under Article 242 fo the J&K State without any further delay so that retired officials could be able to feed their families without any mental agony caused by Accountant General after retirement.
Retired Employees of PWD IFC
Department Jammu & Kashmir