Plea for protection

Vishal Sharma
My name is Peeple Tree alias Piple Ka Pedh. I am young Peepe Tree, was born in 1985 and at present my age is more than 35 years. I was born in Prade Ground area, exact location is near by the Gate of Prade Ground opposite Gita Bhawan. With the passage of time, and having kind blessing of God and pleasant environmental conditions which nourished my journey from childhood to youthfulness, I am young and innocent having no religion. I trust humanity and mankind, trust human service so I serve humanity through my life. Now I am being cuty down on the name of construction of boundary wall of Mini Stadium Prade Ground, situated in the heart of beautiful old city, which was established by Maharaja Jambu Lochan and this is land of love, humanity and marvellous love bond between creatures of Almighty. I heard a story that Lion and Goat had drunk water together in the same pond. I have also no objection for construction but I request the humans to leave me, don’t kill me. Hundreds of birds come to me and rest on my branches. Several people come here and feed them.
With the passage of time, several changes have been made in the landscape of surroundings of Prade Ground. But I am very lucky and greatful to the lovely and beautiful people of Jammu who did not harm me and looked after me like a God Plant which I am not at all. I am just a small creature of God. People of different faiths worship their Gods and have burnt earthen lamps below me and pray almighty God to fulfill their wishes.
But on the name of construction I am being cutting down. I do not do any sin, I have a great desire to live and serve the humanity till my natural death. I have also right to live as granted by God.
Here I am quoting “My God has breathed His light into the dust and so brought the world into being. It is He who created the sky, the earth, the waters, and vegetation,” reads a verse in Guru Granth Sahib where Guru Nanak sings of his love for Nature.” It is a universally known truth that Guru Nanak perceived a divine manifestation in every aspect of Nature.
I am also witness to several historical moments e.g our beloved PM late Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Advani Ji Narendra Modi Ji, have conducted several mass rallies. Advani Ji’s Rath yatra, several Independence Day Parades, Dussehra Festival, Fairs and other historical events have happened here.One can please verify my claims from local people and shopkeepers.
The construction is going on reinforcement of boundary wall of the Mini Stadium and I am scared and afraid of being cut down by the concerned people.
Great Indian Scientist Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose proved that plants are like any other life form and proved that plants behave like humans.
It is difficult but certainly not impossible to move trees to other locations rather than chopping them down now a days. Modern techniques adopted in India are helpful for my restoration. If your goodself do not mind I would like to share link from the Nation Hindu News paper in this regard. The article published in “The Hindu” Title How to save a Tree on April 17, 2017. -gardens/tree-crusader-syed-kattuva-says-it-is-difficult-but-certainly-not-impossible-to-move-trees-to-other-locations-rather-than-chopping-them-down/article 18076568.ece
I hope you will listen my voice and do justice with me. If I will alive, I promise I will serve the humanity and give fresh oxygen 24 by 7 till last.