Plea to CEO J&K

I want to draw the kind attention of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) towards the plight of employees deployed for poll duty as presiding officers,polling officers in the Assembly constituency of Bani especially all those employees who are from Hiranagar.
Firstly,same employees are deployed  for election duty at Bani  time and again whether it is Parliament election, Assembly election or Panchayat election and factors like age,fitness etc.are hardly considered for the deployment of polling staff.
Secondly, only a few particular employees who have performed election duty once are asked  time and again to perform poll duty while many do not have seen polling booths once in their lives.  They get their names deleted  in connivance with those working in the district election cells.
Thirdly, there is no transport facility provided by the election authorities from Hiranagar to Bani to attend election meetings prior to elections.The employees have to arrange on their own for the transport facility which cost them  twice or thrice  the honorarium paid to each employee for the poll duty.
Fourthly, same honorarium is paid to polling staff whether deployed at a distance of 20km or 200km from their place of posting which is also quite discriminatory.
Fifthly, Election Observers, visit the polling stations just around the National Highway or plain areas for checking the facilities but hardly they check the polling stations in far flung areas like Bani and facilities for polling staff like meals,blankets/quilts,toilets etc.
I,therefore request the Chief Electoral Officer J&K  to take action in this regard.
Yours etc…
Rajesh Hans


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