PK appeals GoI, world opinion to take cognizance of plight of exiled Pandits

PK leaders at a press conference at Jammu on Thursday.
PK leaders at a press conference at Jammu on Thursday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Dec 6: Panun Kashmir (PK) has appealed the Government of India (GoI) and world opinion during the Human Rights week to take the cognisance of the plight of exiled Kashmiri Pandits and members of Sikh community who have suffered worst kind of Human Rights violation through the hands of terrorists and Muslim fundamentalists aided and abetted by Pakistan.
The appeal was made at a press conference here, today by PK president, Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo along with Virender Raina chairman political Affairs Committee PK, Upinder Koul general secretary (PK) and Kamal Bhagati its general secretary (Org) on the observance of Human Rights Week.
Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, said that while the world is observing the Human Rights Week, the displaced Kashmiri Pandits are continuing to live as refugees in their own country.
He said it is a travesty of human rights history for the last 70 years that a peaceful community of Kashmir, the members of which form the indigenous population of Kashmir -the Kashmiri Pandits, were brutally exterminated from their thousands of years old homestead by the Islamic terrorists and their cohorts three decades ago. Their forced exodus and ethnic cleansing remain unattended till date, he added.
Despite the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), describing their tragedy as “acts akin to genocide ” and as “a genocide type design against them” yet the governments at the helm of affairs for the last 20 years preferred to be in the deep slumber on this subject, he said. The government’s hibernation on the subject has emboldened the fundamentalist-secessionist-terrorist combine to spread their network throughout the length and breadth of the country over the last 25 years, he added.
“We would also urge the Human Rights bodies and particularly the State Human Rights Commission to take appropriate action on matters of Human Rights concern regarding the minority sections of the Jammu and Kashmir State”, he said.
Virender Raina, chairman, Political Affairs Committee (PAC), PK said that delaying of the process of the recruitment of the displaced youth in the State also tantamount to a big human rights violation. There is no reason why the recruitments under SRO 412 were withheld when the issue pertaining to the recruitment under SRO 425 has been challenged in the court of law. The Government has failed to take cognizance of the subject in an appropriate manner. “We appeal to the Governor to intervene in this case and advise his administration to take appropriate urgent steps to declare the selection list of the candidates without any further delay”, he added.
Moreover, the decisions taken by the Governor regarding the J&K Bank are laudable. The Bank established by Maharaja Hari Singh for the people of State cannot be converted into a community bank of a privileged class who has been using it to buttress its cause for a long now, he added.