Pivotal Sectoral policies will boost growth

As a sequel to much discussed and hoped about Global Investors Summit, scheduled to be held later in the year in Jammu and Kashmir, the Government appears to be set to create ground for giving a fillip to industrial growth in the UT. If we have to attract domestic and even foreign investors to invest in various sectors, there must be a slew of measures taken before hand which would constitute an administrative backing and support for that. Quick and responsive decision making process is need of the hour which also was concomitant for attracting investments. In other words, we have to create congenial investment environment which apparently the Government has underlined leading, therefore, to decide to focus attention on the concerned sectors related to industrial growth. We appreciate the move and hope implementation in right earnest.
Since we have been repeatedly pointing out, especially with emphasis on tourism sector, that there was no comprehensive policy to follow and achieve desired results based on monthly, quarterly and yearly targets in tourism sector, a definite and a workable policy was needed to be formulated. The same appears to have been realised now, may be with an eye on the potential gains from the investors’ summit. It is, therefore, the realisation of the vast but untapped potential of tourism in Jammu and Kashmir that the proposed Tourism Policy 2020 has a vision of making the entire UT as the most preferred ‘all season tourist destination.’ The aim should go beyond increasing the footfall of domestic tourists and a mechanism should be devised to attract foreign tourists as well. As obviously the entire infrastructure, developing the destinations, training staff, publicity and arranging other logistics would take some time, the cut off date to be by the end of year 2025 seems plausible.
Again, the provisions of the Tourist Policy recognising the utility of taking along nearly 4000 tourist service providers and to impart necessary training to them over a decade or so was going to give a new turnaround to tourism industry. Besides, as the policy states to promote city wise events and festivals at national and international levels, is verily the recognition of the changing tastes developed in tourists in such entertaining and interest generating events besides their visiting conventional natural and historical sites . These need to be explored, tapped and commercially utilised optimally. This sector had a hidden and vast potential of generating round the year employment opportunities which was going to address the issue of unemployment even in uneducated sector considerably should an innovative comprehensive Tourist Policy be not only prepared professionally but implemented too .
The decision taken in formulating J&K Captive Power, Hydro Power and Renewable Energy Policy -2020 is aimed at generating power but without letting any telling effect to be there on the environment which speaks for the policy envisaging promoting generation of green and clean power by using hydro and solar energy. Jammu and Kashmir has to remain pollution free in absolute terms as tourism is broadly and intensely based on and related to enchanting natural beauty and relatively clean fresh air in Jammu and Kashmir. Hence, solar energy must be focussed on for domestic and commercial use. Ayush Care Investment Policy 2020 is the first of its kind in Jammu and Kashmir which aims at providing quality Ayush or medical care and services to citizens with the pluralistic system of integrative healthcare. The aim of the policy is to arrange providing healthcare at the doorsteps. This was going to be a major decision aimed at putting thrust on improving upon medical facilities in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir.
The UT Government is appearing to being committed to bringing in a rejuvenating spirit in facilitating Ease of Doing Business in the region, as many as 13 sectoral policies are reported to be drafted in addition to one for MSME, large and mega units, etc were going to give an entirely new shape to realising the importance of growth in each sector for integrated development with intent to create business environment so as to entice the prospective investors invest in various sectors. That could result in not only deriving desired dividends but ensuring balanced industrial growth at reduced cost. The aim primarily being to generate employment opportunities, income generation and overall economic development of the UT of Jammu and Kashmir in respect of the initiatives under reference.