Photography as a Career Option

Gauri Chabbra
A picture tells a story, they say, A photograph is worth a thousand words. It isa powerful mediumIt can make you smile; sober you down, make you laugh, make you excited. In short, it can tell a story. If you think you can weave a story through an image then photography is the best career for you. It is a medium of self-expression. The eye of a photographer is what makes a photograph.
If photography is your avocation, you can make it into a profitable vocation. With the development of communication in India, the advertising industry and the fashion industry have grown and with the media boom, digital photography is now a profession which has a great commercial value. It has become an important part of both print and electronic media. Photographyasacareer in India offers a plethora of opportunities and an escalating growth trajectory.
Education Qualifications and skillset:
There are no specific academic requirements for full time courses; however, candidates who have passed 10+2 are eligible for a degree/diploma/certificate course in this field. Various colleges across India offer photographyasa subject. Are you creative and imaginative? Do you have an eye for aesthetic detail and composition? Do you enjoy presenting things visually and communicating ideas to others through photographs? Is photography more than a hobby to you and do you feel a ripple of excitement when you imagine displaying your art to others? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then this passion can offer you a lot as a profession.For photographyasacareer, one needs to have that extra quality, an interest in visuals; one must be creative and be able to communicate stories and ideas through photographs.
Career Cursor:
Photography involves both variety and assortment as far as forking pathways of career options are concerned. You may make a mark for yourself in the following fields:
As a photojournalist or a press photographer, you will be required to supply pictures to national and local press. You need to have journalistic qualities and must know what makes a good news picture besides being able to write captions, have good communication skills and be able to work with reporters. This kind of photography is best done instinctively. Hence, you need to be spontaneous and know what kind of a picture would best illustrate your article. If you are adventurous and willing to work under difficult conditions when needed, you can be the best photo journalist.
Nature and wildlife photography:
Much doth my heart to think, what man hath made of Man. In this world, when everyone is lamenting about the depletion of Mother Nature, you can revive the love for Nature by being a Nature Photographer. You can capture the perfect sunsets and waterfalls in your camera then this is definitely an option that you could consider.As a Nature and wild life photographer, you will taking photographs of animals, birds, plants and landscapes. If you love adventure and enjoy taking pictures of trees, sunsets, lakes, etc., capture the animal kingdom and plant life in its most natural and habitual form. This kind of photography is a part of Nature photography which also covers landscapes and scenery
Fashion photography:
To be a part of this glitzy and glamorous world, you must have knowledge about latest fashion trends and you should be willing to be experimental and creative.It is the field where one works for fashion houses, designers or individual models. With the boom in the fashion industry the demand for fashion photographers is high
Event Management and wedding photography:
This includes taking pictures of people individually or in groups. You can either work for someone or work in a studio of your own.The subjects range from children to pets, functions to social events etc. You can also specialize as wedding photographers.
Forensic Photography
Forensic photography rings a bell about crime patrol. You would be required to click photographs at crime scenes from all possible angles with great emphasis on details in order to help the police or detective agencies.
To be working as a freelancer, you need to have great management skills and the ability to work independently. You might not know where the next job is coming from andthere will be the hassles of keeping accounts. But, you can beyour own boss and find, shoot and sell your own photographs.
Scientific Photography
As a scientific photographer, you need to be a part of scientific publications and research reports. The areas that it covers are biology, medicine, chemistry and engineering. You have to have domainknowledge and interest to be a part of this field.
Pay Packet:
If you are looking for a fat pay packet at the start, you are mistaken .Asa beginner, the financial benefits are low but as you improve, these benefits increase. It is acareer which requires patience and a never-say-die attitudeOne has to be very brave to start off as a freelancer. You would rather begin by working in a studio. One can start as an assistant to senior photographers in which you’d be paid Rs 3500 to Rs 6000. Once you are established, you would be paid as per the assignment. The range can be from Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000. Fields like commercial photography pay higher compared to the other fields. Beginnings can be made at Rs. 15,000 which may grow over a period of time.
To be a successful photographer you need to be dedicated and hard-working. It is a fast-paced profession. One must be ready to meet the needs of the clients or audience.