Phera Tora: A Travelogue

Book : (Travelogue in Dogri)
Author : Inderjeet Kesar
Publisher : Jai Mata Prakshan 2-P ,
Sector-3 Ext. Channi Himmat, Jammu

Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’
Travelogue means to pen down account of a journey to another place and personal impressions and experiences of the places visited by the author. It is heartening to say that even Dogri authors are not far behind in writing the anecdotes while moving to different places and compiling same in the form of a book. Recently a new travelogue has been published that justifies the contents therein with the title itself. Yes, it’s ‘PHERA TORA’ by Inderjeet Kesar.
About Author
Inderjeet Kesar is a prolific writer who believes in his commitment towards mother tongue Dogri and proves his devotion through regular contributions whether in the form of poetry, spiritual songs, novels or short stories. Till date he has 22 books to his credit that comprise of 14 collections of poetry, 6 novels, one collection of spiritual songs (Bhents) and essays.
Now he has come with “PHERA TORA’, a travelogue that carries his experience during his visits to different places within own country and abroad. His creative journey that started with” Phull Khide Re”_ a collection of poetry published in 1998 did not halt at all. He was awarded prestigious Sahitya Academy Award for Dogri Novel _’Bhageerath’ in 2017. Kesar is a regular participant as a poet at All India Radio, Doordarshan Kendra and literary programs organized by J & K Academy of Art, Culture & Languages and other organizations.
About Book
The instant book ‘PHERA TORA’ is divided into seven parts. The book contains write ups on different places of religious importance visited by the writer being accompanied by his wife.
It’s worth mentioning here that although Kesar is the writer of this travelogue but he has been guided and inspired by his wife Savitri Kesar to visit such places that she wished to visit. She is a religious lady who has firm faith in Sanatan Dharma and follows it religiously. The writer owes a lot to his life partner in writing this book as she has helped him in recalling different aspects of their journey that have become an integral part of this travelogue
The first part of travelogue carries three sections covering writer’s pilgrimage to Uttrakhand’s ‘Chaar Dhaam Yatra’. It describes his pilgrimage to the eminent sacred places Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri and Badrinath. These places are of immense cultural and religious worth. While going through the write-ups one feels connected with these places. The writer has described the details in an informative way. The next part is about special yatra to Badrinath wherein detail has been given about the visit. The third part of the book has reference to India’s three Dhams including pilgrimage to Mahakleshwar, Onkareshwar, Nageshwar, Bheemashankar Mahadev , Trimbakeshwar Mahadev, Gushmeshwar Mahadev, Mallikarjuna, Rameshwaram, Kashi Vishwanath, Mathura, Vrindavan, Ayodhaya, Prayaraj, Shri Ganganagar, Gaya, Somnath Mandir, Dwarka, Shirdi, Shinganapur, Tirupati Balaji, Kanyakumari, Pashupatinath Mandir Kathmandu Nepal etc. , the holy places that find essential place in the lives of Hindus.
The 2nd part of the book is dedicated to ‘Brij Charasi Yatra’. The writer on being persuaded by his wife was inspired to go for ‘Brij Charasi yatra’. He writes that even Shastras say that after performing “Chaar Dhaam Yatra”, Brij Charasi Kos Yatra is a must.
The 3rd part gives a detailed account of writer’s visit to different places of Lucknow popularly known as city of ‘Tehzeeb’ and ‘Nawabs’ and its surroundings. Whereas 4th part is about the importance of ‘Monday Amavasya’ and holy dip in the Gangesduring Amavasya. In 5th part of travelogue, the writer enjoys the company of his better half visiting the sacred places of Devbhoomi Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. In the next part he takes us to beautiful places of Jaipur and its surroundings whereas in 7th and concluding part he boards flight with his wife a foreign trip to Abu Dhabi to see his son Nipun kesar, who serves in a company there. The writer gives a detailed account of his stay and visits to popular places of Abu Dhabi.
Kesar dedicates the travelogue “PHERA TORA ” to his father Late Amarnath Kesar. The book carries 251 pages and is priced at Rs 400. The cover page is simple but impressive.
It’s a welcome addition to Dogri Literature that tells a lot about the different places of historical, religious and cultural significance in an interesting style.