PG Engineers’ plea to Govt

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, July 16: Post Graduate Engineers Association has urged upon the State Government to create an appropriate space for the Post Graduate engineers for the over all betterment of the State and properly utilize their talent and skills.
The Association in its meeting held at PWD Complex Jammu today under the chairmanship of its president, Muzamil Ahmed Rafiqi discussed various issues concerning provision of space to the PG engineers and properly utilization of their services for the betterment of the State. They pointed out that the J&K State is presently charged with the implementation of projects on behalf of IMF, ADB and other national and international organizations. The various milestones about transparency, conceptual clarity, project preparations and implementation of projects consistent with laid down parameters has to be in the fore front of the State, in case real progress will have to be achieved.
It was viewed in the meeting that the projects generally run behind the schedule and quality compromises are also made in view of less emphasis on the professional aspects of the service. The engineers departments that were initially conceived had to address limited goals and objectives but with the expansion and diversification of the programmes the system have not been upgraded by which the State lags behind in the field of development, resulting in cost over runs, delays and above all decline in quality standards, laid down by the Govt of India and other financial institutions. This body has been framed to tackle such issues with the appeal to the State Govt to utilise the services of PG engineers and provide them space to work. They resolved to offer their services to the Govt and strengthen the professional levels of the manpower on job courses and off job trainings.
They pointed out that in many projects private consultancies have failed to bring tangible results which could be put out for social auditing. The Govt must utilize the services of PG Engineers in this regard who are available with the Govt. They can prove as most valued substitute to these consultancies and huge public money could be saved. They appealed the Chief Minister and DyCM to create working space for them.


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