Petrol, diesel will not be allowed to go out of reach of common man: Pradhan

NEW DELHI: Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan today vowed to not allow petrol and diesel prices go out of reach of the common man, saying the Government is working on a holistic solution to price volatility without going back on reforms.

Blaming geopolitics of oil, exchange rate fluctuations and local taxes for petrol and diesel prices touching a record high, he said the Government is sensitive and will ensure that “poor, middle class are not pained.”

“We will deal with the issue,” he said at a news conference called to highlight his Government’s achievement in four years. “The Government will take a holistic view (of the situation) so that petrol prices do not pinch them. Government will do all that is possible.”

Asked if the solutions under consideration include partial roll-back of fuel price deregulation, he said, “Not at all.”

“This question doesn’t arise. This Government is a pro-reform Government and we cannot go back on what we have reformed,” he said. (AGENCIES)