Petrol, diesel rates remain unchanged

New Delhi, Jan 16: Government controlled fuel companies kept petrol and diesel prices unchanged for the second consecutive day on Saturday.
This despite the fact that in the international market crude oil prices came down.
The four Metropolitan cities of the country- New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai on Wednesday and Thursday saw rise in prices of both petrol and diesel.
Thursday saw diesel prices rising by 24 to 26 paise per litre while petrol became more expensive by 22 to 25 paise per litre.
On Wednesday the prices of both these fuels rose after remaining constant for five days.
Prior to this the oil companies had raised prices of both these fuels on January 6 and January 7.
Petrol diesel

Delhi 84.70 74.88

Mumbai 91.32 81.60

Chennai 87.40 80.19

Kolkata 86.15 78.47