Performance of Tourist Development authorities

The inalienable part of personnel matters and concerns is to assess the utility and contribution of an employee towards the department , his or her role as a promoter of growth and even what extra contribution was forthcoming extraneous to his assigned role in the ultimate interests of the people . This practice, a barometer to assess weaknesses, failures, and wilful lackadaisical approach adopted by a concerned employee, is sought to be known and “remedial measures” taken , is still in its infancy in the State if not alien to it or it is thought just optional and at best a formality. We continue to watch very tall claims made in respect of promoting tourism in the State and finding out new unexplored destinations for bringing them under the ambit of tourism related activities . For this purpose, among other measures, Tourism Development Authorities were appointed by the Government . They have been comfortably placed and provided with the necessary infrastructure including delegation of sufficient powers. Which authority is doing what and how much and which one was just passing time to get the salary at the end of the month is not known as there is no regular assessment of their performance.
It is unbelievable that not to speak of working hard with sweat apparently exuding in promoting tourism and listing their periodic achievements, not a single meeting of these ‘Development’ Authorities has been convened for two years. How could it be judged as to what action with what results was taken in respect of the decisions taken or plans devised in previous meetings except in regularly convened periodic meetings ? What is the status of promoting tourism spots and encouraging tourism related activities in the respective areas under their jurisdiction is not known ? Is not the idea of creation of over two dozen of such authorities, looking to the ambiguity in relation to their active contribution to their assigned job , now proving as flawed and conceived in haste ? That needs to be looked into by the Governor who happens to be heading some of the Tourism Development Authorities. Fix and allot targets, assess very frequently about the levels of achievement and follow up for achieving the balance part within the allotted period – should be the procedure followed by continuous assessment of performance. Can it not be done even belatedly?